Conference 2018

Conference 2018 in Östersund, Sweden 18-20 June 2018

The conference organizers of SRA-Europe 2018 are inviting proposals on the topic of this year’s conference:  Risk & Uncertainty – From Critical Thinking to Practical Impact

The focus of the conference is on developing the academic discourse on risk considerations and its practical applications— specifically in the contemporary era of increased uncertainty and apparent increased salience of questioning research and facts in (some) public decision-making processes. The aim of the conference is to facilitate the exchange of ideas, problems, solutions, and emerging research agendas among researchers, practitioners, and policy makers.

The conference will be held at Mid Sweden
University in Östersund, a small town close to the mountains in the north of Sweden. During the conference you will experience the longest day of the year when the sun rises at 2.50 a.m., only a few hours after it sets. We hope you will take the opportunity to visit our beautiful town, take part in the conference

This conference gathers academics, policy makers, and practicioners interested in risk research, policy, and practice, including members of the SRA-E, SRA International and other regional SRA organizations.

More information on our conference in Östersund will be presented on the conference website of the local organisers ( and below as it becomes available.

Last modified: 29 November, 2017