Invitation to take an active role in SRA Europe

Invitation to take an active role in SRA Europe e.g. as Board member

SRA Europe is a non-profit organization that aims to bring together individuals and organisations interested in risk assessment, risk management and risk communication in Europe. Our main activity in this respect is, of course, the SRA Europe conference, that is held annually at varying locations within Europe.

As an organization SRA Europe depends on the efforts of a small group of researchers and other professionals who are willing to put in some of their time and energy. These individuals come from different countries and represent different disciplinary backgrounds, interests and expertises. Ways to contribute vary, including such tasks as joining the Scholarship Committee, taking on board functions such as treasurer, secretary or president, taking responsibility for the content of the website or organizing the annual meeting.

The affairs of SRA-E are conducted by a Board (also called the Executive Committee), comprising eight members. By June 2017, there will be two positions available in the Board of SRA-Europe. To fill thess positions, the Board welcomes suggestions for good potential candidates.

The duration of the Board membership is 5 years. The responsibilities of the board members are distributed among the board members, mostly on a 2-yearly basis. Serving on the Board means attending 2 physical meetings a year, one of which takes place during the annual conference. Additionally, there are approximately 4 to 5 telephone or skype meetings. Depending on the position within the Board a board member is expected to take care of specific tasks which relate to his/her responsibility.

Election and appointment will take place during the General Assembly meeting that will be be held in June 2017 during the conference in Lisbon, Portugal.

The Board is happy to answer questions from potential candidates or from those who wish to nominate them. You can contact the Board at


Last Modified: 23 November 2016